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Becoming Steve Jobs: A Journey of Transformation

Cover of Becoming Steve Jobs book.

Steve Jobs, a name synonymous with innovation and creativity, remains an enduring figure in the tech world. His journey from a college dropout to the co-founder of Apple Inc. is nothing short of legendary. "Becoming Steve Jobs," written by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli [#Ad], offers a fresh and insightful perspective on this iconic figure. This blog delves into the essence of this book, providing a detailed summary and a review, alongside a glimpse into the backgrounds of its authors.

Authors' Backgrounds

Brent Schlender is a seasoned journalist who has covered the tech industry for over three decades. As a senior editor at Fortune and a writer for The Wall Street Journal, Schlender developed a close professional relationship with Steve Jobs, providing him with unique insights into Jobs' character and career.

Rick Tetzeli is an experienced editor and journalist. He served as the executive editor of Fast Company and has written extensively about technology and business. Tetzeli's editorial expertise complements Schlender's journalistic prowess, making their collaboration on this book a formidable one.

Book Summary

"Becoming Steve Jobs" takes readers on an in-depth journey through the life of Steve Jobs, focusing on his transformation from a brash, young entrepreneur into a mature, visionary leader. The book is structured chronologically, beginning with Jobs' early years and his initial foray into the tech world with Apple.

Early Years and Apple’s Founding

The book opens with Jobs' early life, highlighting his adoption, his interest in electronics and his brief stint at Reed College. It then moves to the garage in Los Altos, California, where Apple was born. Schlender and Tetzeli paint a vivid picture of the tumultuous early days of Apple, showcasing Jobs' relentless drive and his often abrasive leadership style.

The NeXT Chapter

One of the most compelling sections of the book covers Jobs' departure from Apple and his subsequent founding of NeXT. This period, often glossed over in other biographies, is given significant attention. The authors argue that NeXT was a critical phase in Jobs' development, allowing him to hone his leadership skills and technological vision.

Pixar and the Renaissance

The book also delves into Jobs' acquisition of Pixar and his role in transforming it into a powerhouse of animated films. Schlender and Tetzeli provide a nuanced look at how Jobs' experiences at Pixar influenced his management style and contributed to his growth as a leader.

Return to Apple and Legacy

The latter part of the book focuses on Jobs' return to Apple and the renaissance that followed. The authors detail the development of groundbreaking products like the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, highlighting Jobs' meticulous attention to design and user experience. They also explore his battle with cancer and his legacy, portraying him as a complex individual whose impact on technology and business is immeasurable.


"Becoming Steve Jobs" stands out among biographies of the Apple co-founder for its balanced portrayal and depth of insight. Schlender and Tetzeli succeed in humanizing Jobs, presenting him not just as a genius but as a man who evolved significantly over his lifetime.


1. Insightful and Balanced: The authors provide a balanced view, acknowledging Jobs' flaws while celebrating his achievements.

2. Unique Perspectives: Drawing on personal interviews and Schlender's extensive experience covering Jobs, the book offers fresh anecdotes and insights.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: The detailed exploration of Jobs' time at NeXT and Pixar provides a fuller picture of his career and personal growth.

Areas for Improvement

1. Pacing: Some readers might find the book's pacing uneven, with certain sections delving into intricate details that may not interest everyone.

2. Technical Depth: While the book is accessible to a broad audience, tech enthusiasts might crave more technical details about Apple's innovations.


"Becoming Steve Jobs" is a compelling read for anyone interested in the life of one of the most influential figures in modern technology. Schlender and Tetzeli's thoughtful and nuanced portrayal of Steve Jobs offers valuable lessons in leadership, resilience and the power of innovation. By understanding Jobs' journey of transformation, readers can find inspiration to pursue their own paths of personal and professional growth.

What aspects of Steve Jobs' leadership style do you find most inspiring and how can these principles be applied to modern business practices? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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