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Training & Public Speaking

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The Aspirations Institute is all about helping you grow, both personally and professionally, while also fostering leadership skills. Our curriculum is tailored to benefit a wide range of individuals and organizations. Our fantastic faculty members come from diverse backgrounds and bring their unique styles, passions and expertise to their teaching. Whether it's an inspiring keynote speech, an interactive workshop or an immersive multi-day seminar, we're all about pushing our students and client organizations to new heights – some of which they might have dreamed and some they haven't yet imagined. Our training programs cater to everyone from entry-level employees to top-tier executives and can be structured and tailored to meet the relevant audience.

Our modular programs are customized to each client’s particular needs and include the following categories:




So, here's the deal with TAI's Leadership Summit – it's not your run-of-the-mill leadership training. Nope, it's all about tailoring the experience to your organization's unique vibe and busy schedule. Although the full Summit is designed as a two-day event that's all about diving headfirst into leadership greatness, any of the topics below are also available to be customized as speeches on a single subject or sub-groupings where you may wish to focus on a particular leadership trait(s) for a time frame in between.

The Summit includes a full menu of topics:

  • Developing Empowered Leaders

  • Mastering the Art of Networking, Influence and Strategic Relationships

  • Going from Zero to Hero in Critical Thinking

  • Leveling Up Your Verbal Communication Game

  • Dialing Up Your Charisma and Presence

  • Learning How to Ride the Waves of Change, Handle Conflicts and Turn 'Em into Collaborations

  • Blending the High-Tech World with the High-Touch Approach: Branding and Leadership in the Digital Age

  • Getting Your Team to Think Strategically

  • Cracking the Code of Executive Charisma and Change

  • Scouting and Nurturing High-Potential Talent

  • Rallying the Leadership Squad

  • Game Plan for the Future: Succession Planning

  • Managing the Workforce of Tomorrow

  • The Art of Delegation, Done Right

  • Bossing It with Executive Management

  • Shaking Things Up with a Culture Change

  • Crafting a Strategy: Document It and Share It

But here's the kicker – this Summit isn't your typical snooze-fest of lectures. It's all about getting hands-on and interactive. It includes some fun activities to drive home key points and make sure you can put them to work ASAP.

And the best part? TAI is ready to bring this leadership magic to you, no matter where you are in the world. So, hit us up and let's get your team on the road to leadership awesomeness!

Personal Growth & Development

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TAI has developed a Personal Growth and Development Curriculum that is broken down into two comprehensive and versatile seminars, one focused on personal growth and one on career. Similarly to the Leadership curriculum, these topics can cover a two-day period or by topic as an individual presentation or sub-groups in smaller time periods.


Here's what you can dive into:



  • Get Your Attitude Game On Point

  • Build Character and Integrity

  • Set Some Awesome Goals

  • Up Your Communication Skills

  • Show Some Initiative

  • Nail Those Decision-Making Skills

  • Master Personal Discipline

  • Learn The Value of Relationships

  • Tackle Problem-Solving Like a Pro

  • Manage Your Time Like a Boss

  • Embrace Teamwork

  • Get Your Leadership Skills Polished

  • Handle Change Like a Champ

  • Bring Out Your Inner Charisma and Presence

  • Figure Out Your Priorities

  • Become a Presentation Wizard


  • Level Up Your Resume Game

  • Take Stock of Your Skills

  • Navigate New Job Positions and Companies

  • Become A Networking Ninja

  • Crack The Code of Recruiters

  • Ace Those Job Search Techniques

  • Rock Your Interviews With Some Mock Practice

  • Make The Most of Your References

  • Plan Your Career Like a Pro

  • Explore Career Changes

The Personal Growth Workshop is a fantastic way to boost your employees' personal skills. The TAI Career Launcher is a great resource for assisting employees in your organization impacted by downsizing or mergers and the company wants to offer transition assistance.

Plus, TAI is all about partnering with universities and colleges to assist students and alumni with practical job search help, so reach out to see how we can make your team even better.

Technical Training Courses

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Due to the great diversity of our Faculty, TAI is able to offer technical training courses on a wide-range of topics, any of which can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Technical Accounting

  • Software Licensing

  • Negotiations

  • Sales Management

  • Project Management

  • Six Sigma Process Improvement

  • Lean Process Workshops

  • PMP (V4)

  • All major software and OS usage and applications

  • IT

  • Wired and Wireless Networking

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Hardware, Software and system & IT/CE trend(s)

For more information on your needs in any of these areas, Contact Us and we will get back to you promptly!

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