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Hear our CEO Jerry Justice interviewed about Leadership & Talent by Chris Dyer of Talent Talk Radio:

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Best practices in talent management he’s gleaned across his clients include:

  • Getting the right people into the right positions. “People will only flourish when they enjoy what they’re doing.”

  • “Hire the best and brightest and then get out of their way and let them do what they do.”

  • Providing people with opportunities to be challenged, as with cross-training. “They want opportunities to step up and try something bigger than what they’ve done before.”


Better Every Day


“A job interview is a two-way discussion. Think of it like a first date,” says Justice. “You too are looking to say, ‘is this a person I want to work with every day?’

Justice continues: “It’s not enough anymore to hand someone a resume…You have to make a direct connection from what you’ve done to your potential to the organization that is thinking about hiring you…That’s what makes you stand out.”

When it comes to passion in your career, Justice believes that life has to be about more than going to work, watching TV and doing it all over again. “Not all leaders love what they do; I think the most effective ones do though.”

What practical tips can he offer those looking to progress?

  • Never stop learning and growing. Take initiative to lead special projects. Find a mentor.

  • Get involved in non-profit organizations. “You learn to operate on very limited resources.”

  • "What most people don’t realize", Justice says, "is that their best benchmark is themselves. We all have a different starting point, and we all learn and grow in different ways.” He encourages talent to ask, “‘Am I better than I was yesterday?’”

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