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Leading from the Middle of the Pack

  1. Invest in relational chemistry. Get to know what makes your leaders tick, their style of decision-making, their values, etc. You want to earn their trust and to be able to anticipate their actions.

  2. Be prepared every time you take your leader’s time. Making the most of your leader’s time not only communicates respect but also showcases your commitment to the team.

  3. Know when to push and when to back off. Given your unique vantage point in the organization, you inevitably will have some knowledge your leader lacks. The key is to know when giving your input will aid your leader in reaching a decision and when it will merely complicate matters.

  4. Be better tomorrow than you are today. Nothing impresses a leader like a self-motivated performer. As you demonstrate growing capacity for responsibility, more will be given to you.Wrap-Up Remember: In the long run, you cannot succeed if your leader fails. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have influence with your boss. Learning to cultivate that influence can spell the difference between career advancement and professional stagnation. Source:  Dr. John C. Maxwell


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