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What’s so critical about simple, daily practices?

  1. “Align your methods of motivation with your personality type… Once you have a good handle on what makes your personality type tick, then develop a daily growth system that is simple and plays to your strengths.”

  2. “Make a list of everything you like about personal growth. If your list is very short, really work at it. Anything you can find as motivation will help you to develop better growth habits.”

  3. “The more whys you have for pursuing personal growth on a daily basis, the more likely you will be to follow through. Start compiling those whys. Think of immediate benefits as well as long-term ones… Any reason to grow is a good reason as long as it’s your reason.” These three tips will assist in making consistency a priority in your daily life. As a result, your Rule of 5 will create growth opportunities over time if you execute well each day. What do you display consistency in? Is it your leadership, your spiritual development, your dedication to your family? Source:  The John Maxwell Company


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