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10 Ways To Ace Your Dream Job Interview

10 Ways To Ace Your Dream Job Interview

Dream Job Interview

10 Steps To Acing The Interview

1. Have a compelling story:

dream job interview

2. Study That Industry Well:


3. Have A Professional Online Presence:

linkedin interview

4. Be punctual, presentable and well-organized:

interview questions

5. Manage stress:

Interview Techniques

Everyone will be nervous during the initial stages of the interview. This small amount of anxiety will actually help you do your best. Remember that stress disappears as you get involved in the job on hand. Being well-prepared helps keep stress in control. Too much stress can affect your ability to think clearly. Once you are in the chair, just give it your best. Stay focused and calm, listen carefully and show your confidence. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises while you wait can help reduce stress.

6. Develop your people skills:

interview skills

emotional intelligence. It is your ability to identify and understand the emotions of the people involved including yourself and use it to handle the situation wisely. People with high emotional intelligence are able to understand emotions which influence human thinking and behavior. This gives them the ability to forge strong relationships and handle situations, overcome hurdles or solve problems.

7. Honesty is the best policy:

job interview

8. Sell yourself:

interview techniques

9. Ask the right questions:


10. Send a thank-you note:

Job Interview Advice

When you finish the interview, don’t forget to thank the interviewers for their time irrespective of how well or badly it has gone. Once you are back from the interview, send a thank-you note to the interviewer. This simple gesture could improve your chances of getting the job if you are one among the best candidates shortlisted for it. Good luck with pursuing your dream job and much Success to you! Article By Joel Brown |


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