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Launch of Motivational Moments!

Written by Jerry Justice. Posted in General

Welcome to Motivational Moments, the blog of The Aspirations Institute, LLC! Thanks for stopping by!

First, an introduction to our company: TAI offers training & speeches to corporations, government, academia and non-profits on a variety of subjects including leadership, motivation, personal growth and development and technical training. Each of our presentations is customized to the host for content and length. Our faculty members are dynamic, supportive and ensure that our sessions, from a keynote address to a multi-day workshop, are highly interactive and fun! You can learn more about these services on our website.

Now, a note of explanation about this blog: one of the primary objectives of TAI is to encourage, motivate and challenge! We attempt to carry these themes throughout not only our speeches and training, but also in all of the other ways in which we may communicate. On Twitter (@TAIMotivations), we regularly share favorite quotes. In articles, we share information to educate and provoke you to think about things in different ways and from other perspectives. On our website, we share content, resources, books, etc. as even more tools you might find helpful in your personal or professional life journey.

With the Motivational Moments blog, we embark on an effort to share thoughts, excerpts from an interesting study, a story from the news, or other sources along with commentary around it to encourage you to interact with us, so share your comments! Share us with your friends! Let us know what you like, what you don’t and what you would enjoy even more!

Posts won’t always come from me. I will be inviting other Faculty members and guest authors to share their thoughts and ideas as well, so make us a regular part of your day and we’ll commit to be respectful of your time and do our best to give your day a boost!


  • Did you know that TAI offers Technical Training Courses? Public & Customized Private Sessions including Technical Accounting, IP Licensing, IT, Sales Management & more!

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