Personal Growth and Development

TAI divides its Personal Growth and Development Curriculum into two separate seminars, each including a range of dynamic topics:


Attitude for Altitude                                           Character & Integrity
Goal Setting                                                          Communications
Initiative                                                                Decision Making
Personal Discipline                                             Value of Relationships
Problem Solving                                                   Time Management
Teamwork                                                              Leadership
Handling Change                                                 Charisma & Presence
Setting Priorities                                                  Making Presentations


Resume Development                                                             Taking Inventory of Your Skills
Entering New Positions & Companies                                 Networking & Strategic Relationships
Using Recruiters                                                                       Job Search Techniques
Interviewing Techniques / Mock Interviewing                  Leveraging References
Career Planning                                                                        Changing Careers

These programs are available either by individuals or groups attending a Public Training Event or by scheduling a private event for your organization.  The Personal Growth Workshop is an excellent investment for growing your employees’ personal skills.  The TAI Career Launcher would also be an excellent supplement to organizations attempting to assist employees that may be leaving the organization due to a downsizing or merger event to aid in their transition. TAI also partners with universities and colleges to offer students and/or alumni programs access to practical and timely assistance with job searches.

We stand ready to serve your needs! Please let us know how we can add value to your organization by contacting us today!


  • Did you know that TAI offers Technical Training Courses? Public & Customized Private Sessions including Technical Accounting, IP Licensing, IT, Sales Management & more!

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