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In addition to furthering the cause of leadership training for Churches, TAI CEO Jerry Justice is also available to speak at worship services for a single service or multiple-session meetings as part of his vocational ministry.

Although Jerry is pleased to develop sermons or presentations around any topic desired by the hosting Church, he has developed an extensive list of topics suitable for worship that are designed to inspire, provoke and energize! Any of these topics is excellent as a single sermon, but they can also be expanded into a series that builds and expands on the central theme for Churches seeking a more comprehensive program or as a special event.

Some of his preferred topics have included:

“Come, Now Is the Time to Worship” – Inspired by Praise and Worship songs and music, this theme begins around what it means to truly worship in the context of a formal service, but then is expanded into leading a life of daily worship that glorifies God.

“Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life” – So many Christians live their entire spiritual lives believing that Christianity is about going to Church on Sundays and being a good person. Here, we explore applying God to all aspects of our lives, not just generically, but to the very essence of what He wants for each of us personally and in leveraging our unique gifts.

“It Is Finished” — Although typically viewed as the final words Jesus spoke, as Christians, we recognize that utterance was not the end, but rather the beginning of our path to redemption and salvation.  This journey explores the ultimate gift that was given to pay the debt none of us could pay for ourselves, but also culminates in His resurrection.

“Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours” — With a dedicated mission of living Christ-like lives, here we explore what it means to see the world through Christ’s eyes, to feel it through his heart, to love those the world may consider unlovable and to live servant-based lives.

“He Makes Beautiful Things Out of Us” – No matter our past or what we may have done, we know God can transform us and bring us back to our original creations.  The past is a place of reference not of residence! This lesson is designed to teach around overcoming the chains of the past and living in the light of Christ.

“Souls or Bodies? Ensuring Healthy Growth in the Church” – Churches around the world have adopted “Marketing Plans”, hired executives charged with leading and executing those plans, spent countless funds on advertising, promotions and other efforts, all geared to put more bodies in the seats.  While by no means is it intended as any indictment of those activities which merely reflects the changing world in which we operate, this message appeals to ensuring a healthy balance between raising memberships and attendance levels and fulfilling the underlying mission of feeding, nourishing and growing the underlying souls.

“Downsize Your Life” – An exploration of the biblical principles that should guide the priorities in our lives, challenging our day-to-day grinds and making room for the spiritual self.

“12 Keys to Christian Living” – a nine-message series on the major keys to living life according to God’s plan for us.

“The Three Temptations of Jesus” – Looking to how Jesus reacted to his major temptations to garner insight on how we should resist it in our own lives.

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