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Often, a Pastor’s formal education and training is so understandably focused on theology or lay leaders may have very limited formal training for their roles, so it is not surprising that leadership, communications and managing the unique dynamics of a Church body can be challenging, especially with the constant changes impacting today’s Church.

To experience true growth spiritually and in membership, attendance and effectiveness, it is imperative that Church leaders learn how to constantly develop and equip new leaders. Failing to do so results in limiting the existence of the Church to the abilities and bandwidth of the individual pastor and growth becomes stifled.  Very few organizations offer quality leadership training customized to a Church environment and TAI is a thought-leader in this area!


Conducted by TAI CEO Jerry Justice, this dynamic event is typically a two-day workshop that intensely immerses the extended Church leadership team into TAI’s curriculum covering a wide range of relevant topics:

  • Developing Empowered Leaders                                                                      Church Finance & Budgeting
  • Effective Church Communications Programs in a Mobile World              Charisma & Presence
  • Church Staff Development & Performance Appraisals                                Internal Communications
  • Cultures for Churches & Non-Profit Organizations                                      Change Management
  • Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in a Church / Ministry Environment      Team Dynamics
  • Networking & Strategic Relationships                                                            Managing Politics & Conflict
  • Engaging the Leadership Team                                                                         Succession Planning
  • Developing & Nurturing the Church Culture                                                  Delegation

This is not a lecture-style workshop! It is highly interactive and includes a number of fun but substantial activities to illustrate the key learning points that help you incorporate them for immediate benefit at your Church!

Each of these topics is an individual learning module and can be grouped in any combinations and customized to the unique needs and time available of the hosting Church.

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