The Aspirations Institute’s Curriculum focuses on “Cultivating Leadership and Growth” personally and professionally and for a wide variety of organizations. Our Faculty has extensive and varied backgrounds and experiences, each bringing their own special style, passion and expertise to their teaching. Whether a keynote speech, a workshop or a multi-day seminar, TAI’s mission is to take our participating students and organizations to new levels, some they may have envisioned and some they have yet to see. Our training is designed for entry level to executive employees.

Our modular programs are customized to each client’s particular needs and include the following categories:

TAI also offers customized training programs for employees of special disciplines or professions that tend to focus heavily on technical training and less on interpersonal skills. Examples include engineers, accountants, attorneys, scientists, doctors, etc. and the corporate departments and/or professional services firms that employ them.

We stand ready to serve your needs around the world! Please let us know how we can help drive your organization to the next level!

  • Did you know that TAI offers Technical Training Courses? Public & Customized Private Sessions including Technical Accounting, IP Licensing, IT, Sales Management & more!

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