Philosophy and Approach


At The Aspirations Institute, we make a key distinction between management and leadership: management pertains to things and processes and leadership is about people. The approaches to each should be driven with that basic understanding in mind. We’ve all either seen or perhaps even been a victim to the kind of manager that treats people as though they were a piece of furniture, easily disposable, no particularly appreciable value different from any other, adding no special value and without concern for any needs they might have.

But enlightened leaders know better. They recognize that each employee is dynamic, unique and, when treated with respect and appreciation, is capable of delivering results beyond expectations. What people need from the organizations that employ them is inspiration, challenge, motivation, opportunity and the empowerment and resources to perform the work with which they are tasked.

This philosphy drives the training and speeches provided by TAI’s Faculty. We strive to prepare and equip leaders to develop their respective teams and organizations to fulfill their missions and exceed their goals.

In its simplest sense, so much of quality leadership can be encapsulated in what we know as The Golden Rule: “Treat other people the way you would like to be treated!”

Leaders are not entitled to respect merely by their title or position, it must be earned. Position does not guarantee credibility or trust, only competence and treating others appropriately gain those.

  1. Lead by example. Lip service doesn’t cut it, walk the walk!
  2. Lead by serving. Taking care of employees and customers and treating their needs as high priorities are always good for the bottom line. Employees who feel valued will treat customers similarly. Become the place outsiders would like to work!
  3. Education is a lifelong adventure. Strive to learn every day!
  4. Be your own competition. The only benchmark against which to judge yourself is whether you’re better than you were yesterday!
  5. Give back! It doesn’t have to be money, everyone has something to give! Donate your time, clothing, food, blood, whatever you happen to have that can benefit someone near you or to a cause that excites you. Be a mentor to a young person! There’s no greater gift than making a difference in someone’s life and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent!
  6. Have fun! It’s a sad fact how many people spend half their day performing a job they totally despise! Work to find what you’re passionate about and give it your all!

These core principles drive the training TAI offers. We want to add value to everyone we serve and to help them continuously get to the next level in their lives, whether personally or professionally. Our training is dynamic, interactive, impactful, substantive and fun!




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