Participants of these training courses offered the following testimonials:

“[The course] shares powerful insights in the areas of networking and influence that are extremely valuable not only in the corporate world, but in everyday life.” — Chris Marquez, Department Manager, Northrop Grumman
“I no longer see networking as augmenting a successful career. It’s a requirement – it drives a successful career at all levels, from entry-level workers to CEOs.” — Eric Carr, Central Intelligence Agency
“A practical hands-on course. What you learn can be applied immediately in your personal (and professional) life.” — Dr. Asad M. Madni, Executive Managing Director & Chief Technical Officer, Crocker Capital
“This was an ideal class for… professionals to learn about the aspects of the business environment that you cannot find in an HR manual.” — Kiki Lorenz, College Relations Manager, Toyota Motor Sales
“This program was so valuable and after a few days back in the office, I have noticed myself consciously applying some of the things I learned last week. It was a great course!!” — Ryan Seals, Employers Group
“I thought the majority of the material was eye-opening. I will benefit professionally and personally by being more self-aware and more cognizant and open-minded of others.” — Karen Mann, Financial Analyst, Raytheon

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